Microsoft office 2013 free download full version

Microsoft office 2013 is developed by Microsoft.It is the best office work software for office.There are a lot of new feathers in Microsoft office 2013. Microsoft office 2013 professional offers team connect and you can also make your project alone.The best thing about Microsoft office 2013 professional is  you can connect your Skydrive account and manage your files from any where,From you tablet,Pc and even from your mobile phone.So come to the point..

908Microsoft office 2013 professional contains

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Top 5 Windows 8 apps

Windows 8 is the best operating from Micrsoft.Windows 8 was released in 2012.Windows 8 has 20 built-in apps.Windows 8 is totally different from other operating systems.It has metro apps.You can download more windows 8 apps from Windows 8 app store.The store has atleast 50,000 apps.You can also develop a windows 8 app.There are a lot apps for windows 8 some are free and some are paid apps,You can get these app by paying for them.


So come to the point,top 10 apps in windows store are..

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Things to know before buying 3g evo wingle

Evo wingle is the Pakistan first 3g U.S.B modem. Evo wingle has a built -in wifi modem.The average speed of Evo wingle is 1.5 or 2.5Mb.But you can get 5 to 6 Mb speed at the time of morning .You can connect 5 wifi devices to Evo wingle at a time.You can connect your Evo wingle to any power adapter.There is no need to install any software for Evo wingle.You can secure your wifi connection with password.Wifi devices can we connected in the range of 100 meters.So come to the point now ..


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Top 5 best online file storage services

There are a lot of online file storage services on the web.But most of them are greedy and want a lot of money.Now a days most of us have a lot of problems we can’t pay a lot of money to these websites but there are also some good websites which can solve our problem.Most of users of these websites are bloggers or they work in a company.New bloggers have no experience that’s why they just waste their time on some useless websites.Now i am going to give you a great list of some good and very popular websites on the internet so the first website is…



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Quran-e-Pak for Windows 8

The Quran-e-Pak app now come for windows 8 and 8.1.In Quran-e-Pak app you can read it in 3 different languages,which is Arabic,English and Urdu.The language  Urdu is Specially added for the people of Pakistan and India and also who can read Urdu.It is developed by Technocrux.Here are some screenshot below.

The Picture when the app Starts..


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