Microsoft confused tablet buyers with windows 8

Tosiba Australia’s managing director eccuses Microsoft of confusing consumers when it launched two different operating system for tablets.7-07

Microsoft strategy to push both windows 8 and windows RT tablets has confused the marketing according to a toshiba executive.

In a toshiba product on launch on wednesday in sydney,Australia,Critisized Microsoft dual opearating system approach marketing two types of tablets on line with Windows 8,the other with Windows RT Confused consumers,Witarred said according to the Australian.

”I think one of the challenges is, there was a lot of confusion with windows 8,My personal view is that they (Microsoft) confused the market with the couple of different flavours”.

Consumers bought Windows RT tablets only to discover that the device required a different set of apps,Prospective buyers were also thrown of by the prices of windows 8 divices.Consumers had been buying laptops for 339$,449$, and 599$ while windows 8 entry level divices were selling for 699$ and 799$,Whittered said according to the australian.

Microsoft own surface pro tablet which comes with windows 8, start at 899$ for the 64gb version, upgrading to the 128gb version adds another 100$ to the price tag,

Prices on windows divices are also fell as vendors tried to clear unsold inventory,another factor taht because buyers think twice before dining into windows 8.

They were going even cheaper than the traditional RRP (recomended retail price),so the gap was not just the 100$ to 200$ from nontouch to touch, it ¬†was 400$ dollar ”wittard added” and the coustomer going,Hang on a second that starting to get unplatable that prce differential,adn i am not sure about the windows 8 things.”

Despite whittered gravience.Toshiba is moving forward with windows 8.This year the company will kick of both touch screen and non-touch devices including a premeium 13.3 inch windows 8 ultra-book called kira and a new portege Z,a windows 8 tablet that converts it in to ultrabook


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