Type any thing without any keyboard on your pc with Magic laser cube

Magic laser cube is a latest projection Bluetooth key board and mouse that provides an ergonomic way on typing on small divices such as ipad,iphone,tablets smart phones and more.


Its traditional keyboard layout insuares that your input is quick and error free.The virtual computer keyboard is a classy device aimed at edding ease to the operation of your favourite gizmo by enabling you to type just the way you do on a conviental keyboard.The gadget is exceedingling handy and easy to use and does not require any softwrae installation to insapsulate the product is nothing but pure magic!

This laser keyboard takes away the stress by eliminating the risk of hand and wrisk injuries.It is much better than the traditional keyboard or any other role up keyboard This visual computer keyboard ensurears quick and error usage of your high tech divice and does not cause any undue stress on your hands and wrists there is no doubt that this remarkable projection divice lets you experience the most convient way to operate your gizmozs.


Laser Keyboard- Silent feathers and specifications:-

–>Project full size iphone laser keyboard into any flat surface.

–>Allows the ease of full size typing in a tiny form factor.

–>Connects wireless via bluetooth for ipad,laptop,personal computers,smartphones and iphones

–>Mouse mode allows the user to use their finger on the projected mouse pad instead of using the stock touch pad or touch screen.

–>Compatible ¬†with a variety of devices and Os including blackberry tablet,iphone,3G/s4,IPad IOS4,Android 4.0 and higher,Windows phone 7

windows xp,windows vista,windows 7,Mac os and other smartphones.

So guys you know all about laser cube tech its amazing Of course its amazing so check out my blog daily and see more tech news.


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