Nokia Lumia 928 becomes offical

Verizon just offically anounced The Nokia lumia 928.The well appointed windows phone device will hit stories on May 16 for 99.99$.The handset feathers a big 4.5-inch Amoled screen along with 8.7 mega pixel camers bake up by Carlzeiss lense and zenon flash.


Other guddies include in the Nokia lumia 928 include special camera apps such as smart shoot which allows you to snap five pictures in one burst, While cinemegraph capture H.D video for sharing, Like many of todays modern smartphones,The lumia comes with  ‘Panaroma’ mode plus it has Optical image Stabalization (O.I.S).some thing of the rarity in phone cameras.

Taking a page form many of the Verizon’s past device.The Lumia 928 Connests to Big Read’s 4G’S LTE network for fast data and the carrier pledges.It will be ”Global ready” meaning user can pop  in GSM sim cards to access cellular airways worldwide.NFC will be on board as well for quick bluetooth paring with accessories.

The Phone looks striking,with sharp line and a slim profile.One downer,Nokia conformed that the 928’s chasses will be formed from poly corbonate (fancy world for plastic) and not alluminium.Nokia also says tahta headset will support wireless charging a feather the company’s past windows phone 8 device flunted.Hopefully we willl get our hands on this hot number soon so be sure to check back for a full review.


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