Windows 9 is coming Date in November 2014

Windows 8 is quite a a new operating system and even if it hit he market in october,Microsoft is already working on two major upgrades.

The first of them is reportely called windows blue and may arrive as soon as in summer in the form of a windows 8 upgrade available at absolutely no cost,While the second is the full windows 8 successor,apperently windows 9.


As usual microsoft does not talk on its future projects, so theres no confirmantion on this,but sources familiar with the matter claim that windows 9 will mostly like see daylight in next year.

According to a recent report microsoft would release the first windows 9 beta version on January 7 2014 while the first release candidate may see daylight in July 2014.

If everything goes according to the plan Windows 9 RTM could be finalized in october 2014,  while the public release would take place in November.

If this is true Windows 9 would arrive at appoximately two years after its predessesor,but with a major upgrade rolled out between the two releases.

As far as the windows 9 feathers go sources familiar with the matter suggest that Microsoft would not bring back the start button but instead ,it would focus on developing the start screen and adding more configuration option.

As a result third-party,start menu app would be user only chance to make windows a more familier working enviroment but Microsoft expects all consumers to get used to the start screen by the time windows 9 hit the market.

As we said there are all rumors,so we should take them with a grain of salt until Microsoft steps in front of the media and say some thing about the windows 8 successor.The good news is that work has already started on windows 9,so its just a matter of time until we here more about it.


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