How to make a blog?

Hi guys now i am here with a new post about making a blog or website.Making a blog is very easy you can do it with out any trouble.Now a days peoples want to make a blog for there personal use or for earning.So got to the topic you can make a website or blog with a lot a websites offering for free.But remember you can only make a free blog .If you want a website then you have to pay for it.Usually it cost about 20 to 25$ for a year it is not to much.


The difference between blog and a website is that a blog is not good for earning and it will appear in the Google but I personally will prefer you to get a website But don’t worry you can make money by only from a blog.So now i am going to give you some popular websites which give us a platform to make a Blog.


WordPress is the best platform for making a blog but you can only make a blog for free not a website.If you want a website on it you have to pay for it.The price for a 1 year domain name ( .com) for your website is 20 to 25 dollars.It offers you the following domain name .me  .net  .org  .com.The best  domain for you website is .com .The reason about it is that .com is the most searching domain on Goggle and Bing.So it is the best domain for you website. WordPress has a lot of free and paid themes.You can also buy themes for your blog and for your website.




Blogger is also a great way to make a blog.But i personally prefer WordPress.By the way we are talking about Blogger.Blogger is owned by Google.The best thing about it is that it has a lot of free templates and it is very user friendly.So many of the bloggers are using Blogger.But the worst thing about blogger is that Google can delete you blog with out any reason and you will not be able to get your blog.

So i think the best platform for making a blog or website is WordPress.I am also using WordPress.

I am waiting for your comments…….

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