How to earn money online in Pakistan?

Hi I am  here with a new post about earn online in Pakistan.In Pakistan most of the people are job less and want some handsome money.That is the reason they search on net about earning online,So now i am here to give you some great methods of earning online in Pakistan.



1 You need a blog or website for it if you don’t know how to make a website then you check this link How to make a blog?

2 You can earn from home but the it is not easy as it is seen,But you can do it if you are a hard working person.

3 You can not earn in just a month.It may take 2 to 3 months,But when you will receive you first earning you will become very happy and become professional in this work.

4 We are not providing our platform,We are just giving some great ways to make money online in Pakistan,and helping our Pakistani brothers.

So now i am going to show you some great ways.

Google AdSense


Yes AdSense you can earn from it.It is actually a service of Google.They show ads on you blog and you got money if some one click on your ads,But remember its very hard to approve from Google Because their policies are very hard.The policies are given below.

1 You website must have at least 3 to 6 months old.

2 Your website should have 300-500 visitors per day,I know it is hard to       get but nothing is impossible.

3 Your website should have best looking template not so Show off                     template,It should be simple and clean.

4 Your website should have 50 to 60 post.

5 70% our traffic should come from Google search,You need (S.E.O) for it     I will soon write an article about S.E.O.

There is another  method if you think that it is hard,It is given below.

Yahoo ads


Yahoo ads is also a great and easy way to make money online in Pakistan,And also from any where in the world.Most of the people those  don’t have any Adsense account in Pakistan.They are using Yahoo ads The reason about it is that Their policies are not too hard which are given below.

1 Your website should be well looking.

2 Your website should have 200-300 visitors per day.

3 There is no limit for your website,your website can apply if you have the     above conditions No matter how new or old your website is,you can             apply  for Yahoo ads.

So these two ways are very good.You can try these methods with your blog or website.

I am waiting for your comments……..


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