Sniper Elite v3 Announced

Yes your favorite game Sniper Elite is going to release.505 Games announced that this will release in early 2014.The game is the sequel of Sniper elite v2,In sniper elite V1 or V2  means 1 and 2.The game has some best graphics.


505 Games  has also announced that the game will also be released for P.c in 2014.The game will released on the following platforms Xbox 360,Xbox one,Wii,P.c,Playstation 3,Palystation 4.505 Games also says that ”The will shout up the market.As the sniper elite v2 do.Over 1.2 million copies sold In just U.S.A,So i personally like this game too much.So wait for new year.

I am waiting for your comments.


2 thoughts on “Sniper Elite v3 Announced

  1. Oooh really I am very excited for this.Good work Usama keep it up.

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