Quran-e-Pak for Windows 8

The Quran-e-Pak app now come for windows 8 and 8.1.In Quran-e-Pak app you can read it in 3 different languages,which is Arabic,English and Urdu.The language  Urdu is Specially added for the people of Pakistan and India and also who can read Urdu.It is developed by Technocrux.Here are some screenshot below.

The Picture when the app Starts..


This is the menu picture.In menu we can open any Chapter/Surah and there is also an option of Masnoon Duyas.


The picture is a Surah in this app.It looks very clean,you can easily read.


So these are the images of the app named Quran-e-Pak.You can download the app in the windows store,Just type Quran-e-Pak in it.The size of it is only 63Mb,And the most good thing about this app that it is free of cost and Ads  free also.So go download it today and read it daily also.


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