How to download torrent files directly?

There are a lot of websites for converting torrent files.Most of the websites want some money.You know what i mean.Different websites have different rates but why we pay money if we can do it for free.


Yes we can there are a lot of websites in which we can convert torrent files in to direct download links or you can say that we can download it with (I.D.M) Internet downloader manager.But these websites have limits one websites is Zbig is very poplular website for converting torrent files in direct download links but the worse thing about this website is you can convert only 1GB file size at a time but you know that it is not enough for these days and another worse thing about it is that the download limit is only 150kb,Which is too low for us because most of the people have 5 mb internet connection except Pakistan and some other Asian countries.

So now i am going to give you a great way to download torrent files directly,and it is also a fast way to download torrent files I am personally using this software it gives me 300 to 400 kb speed average.when i am getting 2mb speed.In Utorrent the same file i was downloading gives me 15 to 20 kbs it mean i can download a 3gb file in 1 and half day but due to my special trick i can download a 3gb file in just 2 hours.You can download at more speed if you have a good internet connection.

You can see  in the below picture That your speed can reach to 1 to 2mb also if you have a 5 mb connection.



You can download on higher speeds if you have a good internet connections. Wyzo can installed on Windows xp,vista,7. Wyzo is also available for mac and linux. Wyzo is built by Firefox.It is based on Mozila Firefox engine.The between these two Browers is that You can directly download Torrentz from Wyzo But in Mozilla you can’t.So i prefer you to install Wyzo.I know you may think that from where we download it the answer is above you can download the software from the below link it is free and 100 % legal you can download it.The above link is media fire link

Click here to download

So i think you enjoy my post if you have any questions you can ask me  in comments.



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