Top 5 best online file storage services

There are a lot of online file storage services on the web.But most of them are greedy and want a lot of money.Now a days most of us have a lot of problems we can’t pay a lot of money to these websites but there are also some good websites which can solve our problem.Most of users of these websites are bloggers or they work in a company.New bloggers have no experience that’s why they just waste their time on some useless websites.Now i am going to give you a great list of some good and very popular websites on the internet so the first website is…



Mediafire is the best online file storage service it can store any type of data.You can access your data any time from any device.You just need to make an account on Mediafire.As you can see in the picture you can get 50 Gb of free space for storing you files.You can get more Gbs inviting your friends to Mediafire.The best part about this service is that there is no limit of download speed.So you can download your files or share your files at Unlimited speed.If you want more space then you can buy it the price for 100 GB space is 2.49$ per month.And if you want 1 TB space (1000 GB) your business or personal use you can get it in only 24.99$ per month so sign up now…!!!



Jumbofiles is the second best online file storage service.You can store 50 Gb of space.The website of Jumbofiles has not a good website design.There is not an download limit so you can download your files at unlimited speed.But the reason that jumbo file is in second place is the uploading peed on this website is very low,But you can try Jumbofiles by signing up on Jumbofiles.



4shared is another best online file storage service it offers 15 Gb of free space.The best thing about this online file storage service is that you can sign in from your Facebook account.It means you can register in only a minute.It offers unlimited downloading and uploading speed. 4shared is good for personal use but you also use it for your work.



Box is another great online file storage service.Box offers 10 GB of free space for free users.You can sign up Box.The size limit is 250 MB per file.Box offers unlimited download speed on downloads and uploads.If you want more space on your Box account then you can buy 100 GB in just 5.00$.You may get 1 TB of space in just 15.00$ per month.If you want unlimited download space you can get it in just 35.00$ per month.So if like Box you can sign up on Box.



Drobox is third best online file storage service  on the web.You can sign up on Dropbox it offers 2.25 of free space you can upgrade you space by inviting your friends to Dropbox.There are  some other ways to get some more space.There is also a limit of getting free space you can only get 3 GB of free online file storage space.The best thing about Dropbox is that you can download a software for your P.C in which you can store your files directly.If you want more space on your Dropbox account you can buy it.If you 100 Gb space then you can buy it in just 9.99$ per month.You can also get unlimited space Yes unlimited for just 15.00$.5 users can use this package so what are you waiting for sign up now….!!!

Now you can choose any of these websites and please don’t waste your time and money in other websites.If you have any question you can ask it freely in comments.


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