Things to know before buying 3g evo wingle

Evo wingle is the Pakistan first 3g U.S.B modem. Evo wingle has a built -in wifi modem.The average speed of Evo wingle is 1.5 or 2.5Mb.But you can get 5 to 6 Mb speed at the time of morning .You can connect 5 wifi devices to Evo wingle at a time.You can connect your Evo wingle to any power adapter.There is no need to install any software for Evo wingle.You can secure your wifi connection with password.Wifi devices can we connected in the range of 100 meters.So come to the point now ..


Remeber evo wingle is a device which has some limits about every thing related to it.The first and worse limit is download limit.Yes download limit Here are some packages details and some facts anout Evo wingle below.

1. Evo usage for one day cost  us about 200 rupees + only 1 gb download limit.

2. As i describe above that you can connect your Wifi device between 70 to 100 meters of distance.Actually it is 70 meters.

3. Many of us think that now we can watch online every thing want.But unfortunatelly we can’t.The reson behind it is that Evo wingle has download limit.Remeber in download limit evry thing count’s,When you are browing the web it counts.When you are watching online videos it counts,when you download a file it counts.Every thing counts.If you will use your internet connection whole day and you were just browing then atlest 1 gb counts every day.

4. The price,the price of evo wingle is 2000 rupees + if you you want 30 gb package you have  to pay 1500 per month.If you want unlimited downloading you have to pay 2500 rupees(Note unlimited download is not really unlimited you can only be able to use 70 Gb.After using 70 gb you speed come down to 256 kB only and you have to pay 144 rupees more) .

5. As we know that according to P.TC.L it’s speed is 9.3 mb but it has not.The average speed for evo wingle is 1.5 mb to 2.5 mb.But the best thing about it is that, at morning time you will surely get 5mb to 6mb.

6. Remeber if you have 1.5 mb speed showing in speedtest .net you will get 300 to 380 kb speed  max in idm. And if you have 5 mb speed at a time you may got 900 to 980 kb max,Some times 1mb 🙂

7. Speed also depends on servers, Because some servers have speed limits.

8. The most improtant thing is signals if you have 3 to 4 signals.Thne it is good but if you have 1 to 2 signals in your area don’t buy it…!!!

9. Speed depends on the strength of singnals if you have full signals you you may get 5 to 6 Mb speed max.

10. Another thing to remeber is that if there are to many Evo users in your area,you will not get atlest 2 mb my area only 9 to 15 peoples have.That’s why i have 2 to 2.5 Mb speed average.and 5 to 6 Mb speed at morning time.

11. Remeber if you are using prepaid package then doon’t recharge your evo before the time of it (Example:- I rechared my evo wingle at 1 january,My evo package will expire on 1 feburay.But i used 30 gb from the time of the expiration then i have to wait for the expiration date of evo package,I i will not then i will lost my money and the package will expire on 2 feburay and now i lost my 1500 rupees) It is just an example but it can be happend to any one.

12. I think P.T.C.L wireless modem is better than Evo wingle it has Unlimited download’s If you get 2 mb’s connection you will recieve 1.3 to 1.5 Mb speed.

13. Evo wingle is only made for businees men’s,Not for download lovers so if you have to download softwraes,games,movies any thing else I will prefer Ptcl wireless modem.

Hope i help alot with my post.If i have missed any point you can give me it in comments.


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