Top 5 Windows 8 apps

Windows 8 is the best operating from Micrsoft.Windows 8 was released in 2012.Windows 8 has 20 built-in apps.Windows 8 is totally different from other operating systems.It has metro apps.You can download more windows 8 apps from Windows 8 app store.The store has atleast 50,000 apps.You can also develop a windows 8 app.There are a lot apps for windows 8 some are free and some are paid apps,You can get these app by paying for them.


So come to the point,top 10 apps in windows store are..



Chimpact is best game app in Windows 8 store.Chimpact is developed by Yipee Entertainment.Chimpact has some decent graphics,the best thing about chimpact is that you don’t need a Nvidia or A.T.I graphic card you can run it on Pentium D or above.Chimpact is a paid app but you can try it for free for 7 days.The price of chimpact is 4.99$.Chimpact is avilable on Windows 8 store,Google play,Apple app store,and on you can get chimpact for your Android device in just 0.99$.Chimpact is the best time killer app.You will surely enjoy playing chimpact as i am :).Here is the picture of its gameplay..


Chimpact is a must have Windows 8 app for evry tablet and windows 8 pc.Thats what i can say about Chimpact…!!!


viber 332

Yes viber your favourite smart phone app is on Windows 8 store.Viber is developed by Viber Media I.N.C.Most of us know about viber,with viber you can call to any one who has Viber on his smart phone or on Windows 8 pc or tablet.The best thing about viber is that it is Ad free app and also it is a free app for every one.You can send messages,Video chat,audio calls to any smart phone or phone having viber installed on it.So now you can download viber  app on Windows 8 just by typing viber in windows 8 store.

3.Angry birds Star wars

90583710FKLSU0TRSHAngry birds Star wars was developed by Rovi Entertainment L.T.D.Angry birds is a very popular game.The last angry birds before Star wars was Angry birds season, at lest 30 million people bought Angry birds star wars.Angry birds star wars is available on Apple app store,Google play,windows 8 store.You can download  Angry birds star wars from windows 8 store.You can try or buy it in the trial version you have only 7 days and only some levels but if you will buy it then you can play full version.The price of Angry birds star wars is 3.49$.Below is the picture of its gameplay..

7808668Angry birds star wars is a must have Windows 8 app.So you should try it…!!!

4.Adobe Photoshop Express

78906890o6Adobe photoshop express is the best  photo editing tool for your favorite pictures and photos.You can crop,edit,upload your photos to Adobe revel.There are different type of editing option in Adobe photoshop express.Below is the screen shots of Adobe Photoshop Express while editing..

038170fjsiuosuo370You can set brightness color,clarity,Exposure and much more..

89000000000You can upload your photos to Adobe revel (Note you need an adobe account for it).

Adobe Photoshop Express is a must have Editing app and the best thing about it is that it is totally free.

5.Asphalt 8 (Airborne)

78Cars875Asphalt 8 Airborne is the best Windows 8 game with superb graphics.If you are a gamer this game is for you.Asphalt 8 Airborne is developed by Gameloft.The best thing about this game that it is totally free of cost.This  game is full of graphics.You can ride Ferrari and Lamborghine.You can do air stunts,Hitting cars of others and much more.The size of this game is 1.28 GB. Below is the screen of its gameplay.


As you can see in the picture.This game has superb graphics..

78888888888You can do any thing in this game but don’t try this at home or any where 😀

Asphalt 8 Airborne is the best game available for free on windows 8 store but remember you need at least a 512 Mb Nvidia or A.T.I graphic card to run this superb game and one more thing you must 2 GB Ram.At the end i want to say that it is must have Windows 8 app because of its superb graphics.

So i think i have done my job.Hope you like my work on this post.If i have missed any thing you can mention in comments.


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