About Me.

Hi or i can say (Assalam-o-alikum)  here i am Admin of this  blog.I provide you best Hi-tech news of Games,Mobiles,Software.I am actually a tech guy.I like new gadgets and Mobiles,P.C,Games,Every thing which is related to tech and i also like to share this Knowledge with my Visitors.I love my visitors and when they appreciate my work i feel very happy.This blog is only for my Visitors.

Who i am?

Yes it is a good question. I am a student.I am a Pakistani. I love my country and Country People,But First I am a human then a Muslim and at the end i am a Pakistani. I live in Sindh Province. Basically I am from Punjab and living in Sindh.I don’t believe in Colour,Race,Religions,I believe in humanity.

Why i make this blog?

I make this blog because i like to share every thing with people. I also love to make blogs but the purpose of this blog is only sharing some great knowledge to my visitors.


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