Things to know before buying 3g evo wingle

Evo wingle is the Pakistan first 3g U.S.B modem. Evo wingle has a built -in wifi modem.The average speed of Evo wingle is 1.5 or 2.5Mb.But you can get 5 to 6 Mb speed at the time of morning .You can connect 5 wifi devices to Evo wingle at a time.You can connect your Evo wingle to any power adapter.There is no need to install any software for Evo wingle.You can secure your wifi connection with password.Wifi devices can we connected in the range of 100 meters.So come to the point now ..


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How to download torrent files directly?

There are a lot of websites for converting torrent files.Most of the websites want some money.You know what i mean.Different websites have different rates but why we pay money if we can do it for free.


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How to earn money online in Pakistan?

Hi I am  here with a new post about earn online in Pakistan.In Pakistan most of the people are job less and want some handsome money.That is the reason they search on net about earning online,So now i am here to give you some great methods of earning online in Pakistan.


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How to make a blog?

Hi guys now i am here with a new post about making a blog or website.Making a blog is very easy you can do it with out any trouble.Now a days peoples want to make a blog for there personal use or for earning.So got to the topic you can make a website or blog with a lot a websites offering for free.But remember you can only make a free blog .If you want a website then you have to pay for it.Usually it cost about 20 to 25$ for a year it is not to much.


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